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Wisdom teeth and their emergency treatments in Brooklyn:

"by Amanda White ":

We think that our adult teeth will all have come through by the time we enter our teenage years, but unfortunately we still have to wait a few years before our wisdom teeth finally emerge. When they do, it can be a somewhat uncomfortable experience, with our gums swelling and becoming very sensitive. As a result, the emergency dentists group have put their weight behind the development of various treatments to try and ease the swelling. 
Some of the treatments endorsed by the emergency dentists group are various conservative treatments that they apply to the swelling around the wisdom teeth. They will help to soothe the pain that arises as the wisdom teeth begin to break through the gums. As the emergency dentists group continues to treat wisdom teeth infections, the pain that you feel as a result of the swelling will continue to diminish and your wisdom teeth will come through far more smoothly.

Common signs & treatment of oral ulcers
By Amanda White :

Traumatic ulcer: This is a class with local incentives directly related to the ulcer. Risk factors removal include timely removal of residual crown & root, altering the sharp fringe of the grinding, cleaning dental calculus, cheek biting habits correction. Some traumatic oral ulcers may be cancerous if not taken care of in time. Induced oral mucosal disease: such as summer hair aphthous, herpetic stomatitis, hand, foot & mouth disease, pemphigus & pemphigoid secondary ulcers, these ulcers as long as the timely adoption of anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-allergy & other treatment measures are usually not malignant.  Ulcer caused by a tumor, malignant ulcer: This is a malignant type of ulcers that may have occurred along with the systemic manifestations of malignant tumors. If you experience any ulcerations, please ask your Brooklyn dentist for a dental check up or contact our Brooklyn dentists and Brooklyn dental specialists for immediate dental evaluation. Bay Ridge Brooklyn location has a pathology laboratory and an internal medicine doctor on staff.

Stopping Harmful Oral Bacteria in Their Path

The best way to keep bacteria from doing any damage is to cease them in their tracks before they can start down their pathological road to destruction. 
It was discovered that an adhesin protein molecule, called FadA, in the genes of F. nucleatum. This adhesin, or binding agent, on the bacteria lets them connect with receptors on epithelial cells in the mouth & later the endothelial cells of the placenta. In some way, the receptors on the host cell activate a signal that puts in to action a cascade of processes that permit the bacteria to penetrate the epithelial & endothelial linings & then colonize. According to multiple research in to the mechanisms of bacterial transport not only has potential to prevent preterm & stillborn births, it may have implications in stopping periodontal illness. Periodontal illness has been linked to such health issue as arthritis, diabetes & heart illness.
One time it leaves the mouth, the invasion of the bacteria through the placenta allows the bacteria to multiple quickly in the immune-free surroundings that protects the fetus from being rejected by the mother's body. The quick bacterial growth causes the placenta to become inflamed. In turn, the inflammation can trigger preterm birth & fetal death.

How to deal with summertime dental emergencies in Brooklyn?

How to deal with summertime dental emergencies

Plenty of people enjoy the summer months because they can get outside to play sports or spend time with relatives and friends. However, these activities may increase the odds of adults or kids experiencing a dental emergency.

In a recent article published by, the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) offered several tips on how individuals can avoid or reply properly to dental accidents.

Taking precaution is of the best ways to reduce the chances of a sports-related dental injury. The CSDA told the news provider that mouth guards ought to always be worn in the coursework of contact sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball and lacrosse. 

If a tooth is accidentally knocked out, individuals ought to rinse it in water without removing any mouth tissues that may be attached. If a tooth cannot be held in its proper place until a dentist is consulted, people can put it in a glass of milk and head to their oral care provider as soon as feasible, the group suggested.

Also, sugar-filled foods at summer barbeques may lead to toothaches. Individuals ought to thoroughly rinse their mouths and floss their teeth to help relieve discomfort, the organization told the news source.

According to Sports Dentistry Online, 34 percent of injuries in basketball players are sustained.

By Amanda White:  Patients with COPD might require more instruction in preventing periodontal disease and actual periodontal therapy than patients without COPD.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive disease making breathing difficult. It’s the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 12 million people are currently diagnosed with COPD and there are likely just as many more who are undiagnosed. Smoking is a significant risk factor for COPD.

Ref: Wang, Z., Zhou, X., Zhang Emergency Dentists Group in Brooklyn & Staten Island



5.0 stars 01/18/2014 by Mary ann
I was so happy to find a 24 hour dentist who would get me out of pain. I has been 2 days after the treatment but I'm already seeing a difference. So far so amazing!


February 06, 2013

Only used there service once so far, but I'm pleased! New caps feel and look great on my teeth. However, if you're very sensitive to smells, be prepared to smell a lot of medication materials - the smell does not dissipate quickly!

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