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If you're in an exceedingly huge amount of dental pain, you'll have a tooth that has become septic, or infected. This is often an extremely serious situation, as a result of which your mouth can infect other vital structures such as your sinus, your eye etc. There are multiple blood vessels inside your mouth. As a result, an oral infection will unfold through your blood to different components of your body much differently than an infection in a less circulated space. In rare cases, an abscess that goes untreated might lead to a heartattack or a stroke. This is often why it's vital that a severe dental pain needs to be urgently addressed at once. The obstacle, of course, is that the majority dental offices in Brooklyn don't handle a dental emergency on regular basis. There are literally only a few clinics in Brooklyn, New York. Our emergency staff provides services twenty four hours seven days a week Monday through Sunday.

For additional info: http://www.emergencydentistsbrooklyn.com or contact us 24/7 Monday through Sunday at (718)412-1020.

Our team of friendly, knowledgeable employees depends on the foremost unique technology along with an extremely skilled and dependable service; thus, you get the best and most comprehensive dental care possible iat our clinics. Call Emergency Dentist Group in Brooklyn for services 24 hours 7 days a week including Sundays.

Emergency Dentist Group of Brooklyn. Keep your smile healthy

Emergency Dentist Group of Brooklyn

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5 stars

by (Laura David) on 12:08 am Sep 18 14
"I went there based on how much my mom loved her gums treatment and it did not disappoint. It's different from other treatments as in this really just gives your gums a good deep clean rather than some superficial polish clean."


Rob Rendon
posted reviews about

10/03/14, 5 stars
This is the first dentist that I have truly liked. He was so gentle and reassuring and with the numbing needle, my pain stopped right away. I have been using the special paste he prescribed everyday for about three weeks, and my gums are definitely improving.


5.0 stars

November 05, 2012

Overall awesomeness! The emergency office is great. The receptionist is awesome and the assistant is nice. I don't have to use alot of the painkillers after the surgery. The saying " a little goes a long way" is true and I can tell that this surgery saved me. My teeth look great and the caps just glide on without the pressure feel.. Also the after touch surgery stitches are excellent and disappeared naturally.