Emergency Dentist Group in Brooklyn, NY
Emergency Dentist Group in Brooklyn, NY

Emergency Dental Clinic Group in Brooklyn, NY

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Smile

Modern technology, regular training, and an eye on current developments in dental

clinic services research: we do everything to ensure your teeth get expert dental 

treatment. Our relaxed atmosphere and friendly dental clinic service go hand in hand

- naturally.


Our existing patients enjoy the benefits of our 24-hour emergency service that reaches our emergency specialists, a leading group of Brooklyn emergency dental practitioners, in minutes, if an emergency arise. Our goal is to stabilize and maintain your teeth healthy and stable, therefore if the necessity arises, we are available to help you at (718)412-1020.

If you've got a dental emergency and aren't a current Brooklyn dental medicine patient, do not hesitate to contact us! In several cases, the doctor will see you right away day. Our main priority is facilitate you out of pain and on the road to a healthy smile. We'll take any necessary x-rays and discuss your prognosis thoroughly before we start any treatment on you.

Often times, emergency pain occurs as the results of any underlying condition (tooth decay, gum pathology, etc.), therefore we tend to definitely encourage everybody to remain current with routine visits and checkups to avoid emergencies. Generally accidents can't be avoided, thus, we are happy to be able to provide you with emergency attention, in spite of what the circumstances.

Emergency Dentist Group is considered a premier center for dental services in Brooklyn, NY. Over the years, its highly professional and courteous dental employees have helped providing Brooklyn residents with dental implants, sedation anesthetics, fillings, crowns, dentures and many other procedures in order to achieve gorgeous and healthy smiles.


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    Only used there service once so far, but I'm pleased! New caps feel and look great on my teeth. However, if you're very sensitive to smells, be prepared to smell a lot of medication materials - the smell does not dissipate quickly!

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